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0.9m x 2m Window Glass Film Stained Glass Windows Decal Sticker Privacy Film

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Glass panels became more and more common especially for modern designed buildings, you love the look but you could hate it at the same time because people could just see what's happening inside. With most of other window frosting film, it may not be opaque enough and plain design doesn't fit your needs. Now with this Stained Glass Window Film in decorative floral print, your problems are all solved at once! It gives glorious stained window art pattern without any visibility to pass through. Waterproof matte surface enables easy cleaning and instant wipe dry, easy application without using any glue!

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT applicable on porous or uneven surface such as wall, wood, tiles and concrete!!


Q: Doesn't seemed to be attached?
A: Apply with lots of water OR check for protective film removal.

Q: Tried above but still didn't work?
A: Make sure you attached the smooth side onto the glass.

Q: Bubbles around the edge?
A: Fix edges by giving it slightly more length and spray some water for smooth attachment

Q: Small bubbles formation all around?
A: Not enough water being applied, try to spray more water and apply again.

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- 100% Brand New
- Design for maximum privacy
- Glorious stained window pattern
- Only allows some lights to pass through
- Could be used as decorative purpose
- Helps on preventing internal heat loss
- No glue residue after removal
- Stick on electrostatic with no glue
- Enhance shatter-proof of glass
- Blocks UV light
- Water and grease proof
- Re-usable with proper application and removal
- Easy application with water
- Could be widely applied on smooth flat glass surface


- Product Dimensions (L W): 2m x 0.9m
- Package Dimensions (L W H): 6cm x 6cm x 90cm
- Gross Weight: 1.4kg
- Material: PVC film
- Application Method: Electrostatic
- Pattern: Jasmine floral print

Package Contents:

1 x 0.9m x 2m Stained Window Glass Privacy Film - FLORAL

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