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Big Metal Mesh Laptop Cooler Pad Cooling Pad

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Just like us humans, laptops tend to overheat after an intense workout and resting your laptop on our double fan cooling pad is like splashing us humans with a cup of water in the middle of a marathon run! The constant lugging around, streaming videos, playing games and writing up documents - our laptops work really hard for us and it is time we show it some love!

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- 100% Brand New!
- Sturdy and durable design
- Strong Metal Mesh Panel
- No installation needed
- Convenient power on/off button
- Plug and play powered via USB
- Stunningly lights up with blue LED lights
- Runs super quietly
- Ideal for any notebook laptops (Recommend up to 17")
- Acts as a USB hub with 1 extra USB port for powering other devices such as cellphones


- Platform Dimensions: 370mm (wide) x 265mm (long)
- Main Body Colour: Black
- Fan Colour: Frosted
- Material: Metal mesh (surface) & ABS plastic (Base)
- Fan Speed: 700-1400RPM
- Noise level: 15dB+/-10%
- Bearing type: Rifle
- Fan Diameter: 140mm
- Unadjusted Front Height: 35mm
- Unadjusted Back Height: 65mm
- Back Height at Angle One: 120mm
- Back height at Angle Two: 155mm
- Back Height at Angle Three: 175mm
- Back Height at Angle Four: 195mm
- Fold Out Non Slip Arms: 20mm (deep) x 40mm (wide) each

Package Content:

1x Adjustable double Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
1x USB Power Cable

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