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Camera Flexible Tripod Stand *LARGE*

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Don't you sometimes wish your camera tripod could be as flexible as a gymnast so you can take photos from that unique angle? Well we can't offer you a tripod as flexible as an olympian gymnast but we can offer you something close to it with this unique, bendable tripod for all your photography needs! Only pictures can describe how awesome this tripod is so check it out in the photo to the right!

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- 100% Brand New
- Universal and can be used for dv, cameras + more
- Very easy to install and release
- Compact, lightweight and portable design
- Wrap it around a tree, place it on a table or bend and tilt its knees
- Flexible design means you can take photos from unique angles
- Can hold cameras weighing up to 2kg


- Colour: Black and White
- Leg Length: Approx. 23cm (per leg)
- Leg Width: Approx. 3 Approx. 25cm
- Full Folded Length: Approx. 23cm
- Full Folded Width: Approx. 6cm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 2kg

Package Content:

1x Camera Flexible Tripod Stand

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