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Car Diffuser Humidifier Air Purifier Freshener Aromatherapy - Green

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Have you thought about how your next journey in the car could be much more enjoyable with this Car Diffuser Humidifier in place? We spend so much time in the car, alone in the traffic, and on the road trip with our family and kids even. So it would be worth to have something that could enhance vehicle internal air quality and even better with nice soothing fragrance. This Car Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to release mist of water particles as small as 6um, giving you relaxation of aromatherapy effect when adding a few drops of natural essential oil to the water container. The small water particles attaches onto dust particles in the air, giving it enough weight to sink down to the floor level, enhancing air quality in the vehicle. Must-have all-in-one little tool to help maintaining quality time on the roads with your family.

Available in 3 colours:
- Green
- Aqua
- Purple

PLEASE NOTE: Only to use this product when the vehicle is on; Do NOT use it when there is minimal water in container; Pour out all water and remove it from power source when not in use!

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- 100% Brand New
- Ultrasonic tech releasing mist of water particles
- Humidifies air keeping skin and airway hydrated
- Enhances internal air quality by sink down dust particles
- Auto power-cut every 2 hours for safety
- Add drops of natural essential oil giving aroma effect


- Product Dimensions (L W H): 5.7cm x 5.6cm x 16.4cm
- Package Dimensions (L W H): 18.5cm x 8cm x 6.5cm
- Package Weight: 220g
- Material: ABS / PP / Metal
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Current: 130mA - 150mA
- Power: 1.5W - 2W
- Output: 25ml / hr
- Container Volume: 50ml
- Colour: Aqua

Package Contents:

1 x Car Diffuser Humidifier - AQUA
1 x User Manual

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