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Chicken Waterer Nipples Poultry Drinker x 12 PCs

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Feel like having a road trip during weekends but can't find anyone to look after your chickens? Still spending money when your chickens get sick due to the spilling & poop in the water? Check out our chicken water drinkers to find the solutions for those problems.

Chickens/chicks will get used to them in a very short time as the bright red attracts them. It is designed with a 360 degree stainless steel drinker head that can work flexibly from different angles. By simply connecting the drinkers with PVC pipe or water container, it saves your precious time without having to check frequently. More importantly, your chickens get fresh and clean water with no more poop,spilling, and soaked nesting material. And you know what? The lower drinker parts are removable, which means that cleaning is going to be so easy!

Save time and money for yourself and supply clean water for your chickens!

PLEASE NOTE: The drinkers only work under low pressure (5.5 pis or less). Do NOT connect directly to a garden hose.

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- 100% Brand New
- Heavy duty
- Easy installation & Screw in style
- 360 degree stainless steel drinker
- Removable drinker parts for easy clean
- Make sure clean water provision to avoid diseases
- Connect with PVC pipe/water container to save frequent checking time
- Suitable for chicks, ducks, breeders, layers, pullets, and other birds


- Product Weight: Approx. 10g each
- Gross Weight: Approx. 100g
- Recommend 1 drinker for 2-3 birds
- Colour: Red

Package Contents:

12 x Chicken Water Drinkers

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