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Headlight Head Light Lamp Lens Cleaning Restoration DIY Kit

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Car Headlight Restoration Kit helps to restore your car headlights by 2 major steps: File away clouded, yellowed and scratched top layer; and polishing! Works well on plastic based car headlight lens, headlights, rear lights, trailer lights or even for helmet lens and motor vehicle lens. Restored lens greatly enhance safety, your vehicle not only looks new and clean, and it also gets to been seen more clearly at night times.

Restoration Instructions:

STEP 1: Clean lens with soapy water then wipe dry. Mask around lens to prevent operating out of edges.
STEP 2: Sand it with P800 sand paper disc and periodically add soapy water to prevent overheated surface. (Use polish machine if applicable)
STEP 3: Keep on filing and use P1200 sand paper disc then continue filing with P2000 sand paper disc (Use polish machine if applicable)
STEP 4: Use orange polish sponge attachment, then start polishing with polishing paste.
STEP 5: Repeat step 1-4 until lens is clear.
STEP 6: Apply UV protection liquid with white sponge - avoid sunlight at this step.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is not suitable for restore deep scratches, cracks and oxidation layer. Please avoid using this kit directly under sunlight (especially during STEP 6) or on wet days! This Lens Restoration Kit is enough to apply on 2 standard size car headlight!

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- Restores vehicle lens by removing oxidised layer and minor scratches
- Works on most plastic based lens
- Improves looks of your vehicle appearance and to see clearly
- Also enhances safety and to get seen by other vehicles
- Easy to use for a great result
- Save on your bill on car maintenance


- Package Dimensions (L W H): 20cm x 11cm x 6cm
- Gross Weight: 210g


2 x P800 Sand Disc
2 x P1200 Sand Disc
2 x P2000 Sand Disc
2 x Polishing Paste
2 x UV Protection Liquid
1 x Velcro Backing Plate
1 x Orange Polish Sponge
1 x White Sponge
1 x Masking Tape

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