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Nasal Strips Anti Snoring Allergy Relief x 50PCS

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Sleepless nights caused by partner's snoring, and/or nasal congestion and stuffiness? Try out our Allergy Relief Anti Snoring Nasal Strips!

Don't worry about those sleepless nights caused by nasal congestion and stuffiness anymore, as this item is just the right solution for you! Breathe better, sleep better... Everyone loves to achieve this! Who doesn't love those peaceful and calm sleep after a whole tiring exhausting day at work and/or school?

Place your order now, I bet you're gonna love this item as it will fulfill your wishes to have a good night sleep!

PLEASE NOTE: ** To get maximum results, please place strip correctly **
** NOT reusable. DO NOT use for more than 12 hours **
** NOT for children under 5 years of age **
** DO NOT use over sores, sunburned, or irritated skin **
** If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use **

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- 100% Brand New!
- Peaceful nights of sleep for everyone
- Reduces congestion caused by colds, sinus problems, and allergies
- Improves airflow by 31%
- Custom-built adherent holds strips well in place
- Also reduces/eliminates snoring
- Gentle use on any type of skin
- Comfortable to wear
- Easy to use and remove
- Normally no rash or skin irritation
- Ideal use for adults' experiencing nasal congestion and stuffiness


- Product Dimensions: 55mm x 16mm (L x W) - 75% of adults' noses
- Peel Off Intensity > 1.0n / cm
- Air Permeation Rate > 200g / m
- Material: PE, Non-woven cloth and film

Package Contents:

- 1 x Nasal Strips Allergy Relief Anti Snoring x 50pcs

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