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Pet Grooming Glove Right Handed

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Love your pet dog and cat by this Grooming Glove, a super efficient tool to eliminate shedding coat and fur. Top lined with rubber that catches shedding fur efficiently and soft spikes to be used for massaging your loved pets further enhancing blood circulation. Simply remove shedded fur caught on the Grooming Glove and wash it with warm soapy water. Universal fit to most adult hands and velcro strap on the wrist to adjust size. Can be used in pet bath and your pets would now take this difficult time much more easily.

PLEASE NOTE: This Grooming Glove is right handed!

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- 100% Brand New!
- Right handed grooming bath glove fit most adult hands
- Adjustable wrist size by velcro
- Great and comfortable massage time loved by most cats and dogs
- Helps to reduce shedding coat and fur
- Soft spikes are safe and enjoyable to use for pet body massage
- Dog and cats would love to be pet by this glove
- Made with thermoplastic rubber that works with bathing temperature
- Efficient and much more gentle way to remove unwanted pet hair


- Product Dimensions (L W): 23cm x 17cm
- Package Dimensions (L W H): 23cm x 17cm x 2cm
- Gross Weight: 60g
- Material: TPE rubber / Breathable polyester
- Colour: Blue

Package Content:

1 x Pet Grooming Glove Right Handed

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