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PVC Floor Protector Floor Mat Chair Mat 90x120CM

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Sick and tired of cleaning those nasty stains and spills on the floor's surface? This PVC Floor Protector Chair Mat is a MUST-HAVE item for you!

No one ever wished for a floor full of scratches, stains and spills especially in your own workplace, don't worry as this item is just the right solution and prevention for those nasty damages! Eliminate high possibilities of you or others on spilling their drinks, food crumbs, or any dirt on your precious floor. This item will keep your floor looking good as new. It will also prevent scratches and damages on the floor's surface caused by chair legs and/or wheels.

Place your order now, and prevent your floor from being damaged easily, avoid regular damages and stains caused by everyone!

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Volume 0.009m3

- 100% Brand New!
- Retains your floor looking good for longer
- Practical way to avoid floor damages
- Non-slip material
- Easy to clean
- Blocks scratches and damages on floor's surface
- Blocks stains, spills, and dirt
- Blocks spots from dirty shoe soles
- Perfect for indoors, office and home use


- Product Dimensions: 120cm x 90cm (L x H)
- Package Dimensions: 92cm x 10cm x 10cm (L x W x H)
- Weight: Approx. 2.2kg
- Gross Weight: Approx. 2.4kg
- Thickness: 2mm
- Material: Soft PVC

Package Contents:

1 x 2mm PVC Floor Protector Floor Mat Chair Mat 90x120CM

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