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Shower Chair Shower Seat Shower Stool

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They are once our most reliable shelter and strongest people in our lives, and one day they aged with grace. Just like having a baby at home, hazards are the first thing you want to eliminate from their living environment. Falling on their heads causing internal bleeding is one of the most life-threatening thing happened to elderly and no you don't want a slippery bathroom for sure. Apart from replacing or add in anti-slip floor mats, the next best thing is to have this Shower Seat Stool, greatly reduce the chance of falling or slip overs in shower.

Hey, you know it is your turn on taking good care of them - your parents/ grandparents from now on.
Don't leave things unchanged until it is way too late to make a change!

PLEASE NOTE: Simple assembly is required; and make sure all parts are properly assembled with no wobbly parts before use! We recommend to sterilise this product regularly!

Shower chairs are available in:

- Shower Stool Round
- Shower Stool Rectangular
- Shower Stool with Back Support

More Information
Volume 0.013m3

- 100% Brand New
- Anti-slip surface made with PE waterproof material
- Holes on seat for water drainage
- Seat made with one piece design for maximum clean & sterilise
- Sturdy frames made with rust resistant aluminium alloy
- 5 adjustable heights to suit most of everyone
- Extra large rubber padded foot for anti-slippery
- Easy assembly & disassembly with components included
- Suitable for families and rest homes
- For elderly, pregnant or injured family members


- Product Dimensions (L W H): 33cm x 33cm x 36-54cm
- Package Dimensions (L W H): 40cm x 37cm x 9cm
- Product Weight: 1.9kg
- Gross Weight: 2.3kg
- Material: PE / Aluminium alloy / Rubber
- Weight Capacity: 200kg

Package Contents:

1 x Shower Seat Stool - ROUND

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