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Sport Insoles Pad for Shoes Memory Foam - L

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Want to remove the bad feeling when you wear the uncomfortable hard shoes? Try our sport insoles memory foam pad!
This insoles pad is designed for sports shoes. The memory foam insoles pad is with great features that can protect arch support , ease foot pressure and bring foot health. It is suitable for long-term movement, long standing, arch pain and
foot fatigue. It can also play the role of effective prevention and protection of the arch. This sports insoles pad is perfectly fitted for flatfeet after long term use, it can help correct the longitudinal arch subsidence caused by disease or injury. The insoles pad with buffer shock will improve the plantar pressure distribution so that it will correct flatfeet. This insoles pad is reusable, durable and not easy to be crushed out of shape.

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- 100% Brand New
- Insoles pad is designed for sports shoes
- Suitable for flatfeet
- The insoles pad is reusable and durable


Net Weight: Approx. 120g

Package Contents:

1 x Sport Insoles Pad for Shoes Memory Foam - L

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