Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

Weighted Blanket

As more and more people are facing difficulty in falling or staying asleep, weighted blanket has became an increasingly popular way to help us solve these problems. Recommended by sleeping experts, weighted blanket could provide the firm, gentle and consistent pressure to help us reduce anxiety for a better sleep.
So, how should we choose a correct weighted blanket for ourselves?
We have provided 4 suggestions for you below:

Choose The Right Weight

The most important thing in buying a weighted blanket is to choose the right weight for you. A weighted blanket should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight. So if you weigh 50kg, you should get a 5kg weighted blanket. But what should we choose if our weight fall between standard weights of blankets? In these case, experts typically recommend adding 0.5 to 1kg. And if you're buying a weighted blanket for your kid or anyone with mobility issues, you should buy a lighter weighted blanket so that they could easily push off the blankets.

Weight Guide
Weight Guide
Choose The Right Size

The next thing we need to consider is the size of our weighted blanket. There is only two rules on it. First, weighted blanket should cover your body from the neck down, without a lot left over. Second, weighted blanket shouldn't hang over the sides of your bed which may cause it to slide off the bed. Therefore, we could generally choose it base on our bed frame size.

Size Guide
Size Guide
Which Material Should I Choose
Soft Peaeful

5 Layers of snug,soft &peaeful

Usually we would find most weighted blankets in the market using cheap plastic poly pellets as stuffing and covered with 2 cotton layer. But our weighted blankets are using the high density glass micro beads as stuffing, which are the same size as grains of sand or smaller, and heavier than plastic poly pellets. As their size is way more smaller than plastic poly pellets, they take up less space in blankets to make the blankets much thinner and fit closer to our body to provide a gentle pressure. We have also used 4 premium cotton layers in outer to provide the ultra softness and comfort for you. You would calm down and fall sleep soon with these weighted blankets.

Do I Need A Removable Cover

Washing a weighted blanket is a bothering thing due to its heavy weigh. For those weigh more than 9kg, you may need a commercial washer and dryer for cleaning, which would cost more budgets on it. Therefore, a removable cover is good option for you to solve this problem and keep your weighted blanket away from stains or pet fur. Our weighted blanket cover uses the bubble fleece as material, providing a soft and comfortable feeling and no harmful to your skin. The dense plush surface could easily maintain the temperature and keep warm over night.
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